COGITO-MED (ClOud and Grid Integration for disTributed data and applicatiOn sharing  in MEDicine) is a project which aims to share and analyse nuclear medicine images where:

Metadata are stored in a RDF model, thus giving the possibility to easily grab information coming from locations who share data according to the web semantic approach and;

Image sharing among different medical institutes is handled by Grid services in a transparent way for end users.

Large amounts of medical images (SPECT, PET, etc.) have been routinely produced in the last years. In this project we aim to create an image management system that allows nuclear medicine physicians to share the acquired images and the associated metadata both locally (i.e., within the same medical institute) and globally with other physicians located in other parts of the world by using Grid services for data and metadata storage and cataloguing.

COGITO-MED ensures medical data protection by anonymisation that aims at removing most sensitive data for unauthorized users and encryption that ensures data protection from insider abuse when they are stored at remote sites. Another important issue is that often nuclear medicine data are associated with other medical data (e.g., neurological data) for diagnosis and therapy follow-up. In order to correlate images with other clinical information, the common metadata are enriched by a controlled vocabulary which integrates known and widely accepted standards such as FOAF, CCR and GeneOntology. All metadata are stored in a RDF repository in order to make the system fully compatible with existing metadata storage systems following the semantic web paradigm. 

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